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QQI Fetac Level 5 Courses

Carepath, offers learners and care providers, quality-assured, accredited training in Health and Social Care for nursing homes, community care, and registered healthcare settings.

Diploma of Pharmacy Assistant (Online Course)

If you are a motivated individual who believes in hard work, have excellent organizational skills, and genuinely care about customers, then a career as a pharmacy assistant may be right for you! Pharmacy assistants enjoy stable and rewarding careers that are indispensable in the healthcare industry. If this career option sparks your interest, start by enrolling in ICI’s pharmacy assistant course.

Dental Assistant (Online Course)

Perhaps more than having a job that pays well, dental assistants can feel good about the fact that they are helping many people achieve better smiles. If you are interested in achieving skills that are desired by many dentist-employers, enrol in ICI’s dental assistant course. Our course will provide all the training you need to be a reliable and qualified dental assistant.

Diploma of Medical Secretary (Online Course)

ICI gives you the opportunity to join the challenging yet highly fulfilling field of medicine as a medical secretary. If you are genuinely interested in health and medicine and have superb customer service skills, you can enjoy a rewarding career in this profession.

Diploma of Nutrition (Online Course)

A career in natural health will never go out of style because what you will be taking care of is everyone’s best investment – the body. Today, as more and more people lead hectic lifestyles and have demanding careers, stress and sickness are always around the corner. ICI’s natural health course is carefully developed by nutrition & diet experts to arm you with information and skills needed to be a credible professional in the field.

Diploma of Nursing Assistant (Online Course)

Professionals in the nursing and patient care industry hold various job titles like nursing assistant, health care aid and patient care staff but whatever the position is, they should be patient and caring and always possess the desire to assist people who cannot fully care for themselves. Of course, they should be in excellent physical condition to perform well in their duties.

They can find employment opportunities in home healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, group shelters and even in private residences. They work under the supervision of patient services managers and nurses and perform duties that support clinical care such as catering, cleaning and transporting patients. With additional training, nursing and patient care assistants can become registered nurses.

Diploma of Massage (Online Course)

Massage therapy is recognized by many individuals and even by medical professionals as highly effective in alleviating and managing many kinds of body pains and illnesses. With such acceptance, it is not surprising that the

Diploma of Personal Training (Online Course)

Join a booming industry that provides an array of career opportunities while helping other people look and feel better – the fitness industry. ICI guides you in entering the enticing world of fitness as a personal trainer. Be able to make your clients achieve a healthy physique by learning more about the human body and the most effective exercises for every body type and objective.

Diploma of Counselling & Psychology (Online Course)

ICI’s counselling and psychology course allow's you to achieve a very rewarding career in a rapidly growing profession. You can find many opportunities to work in established institutions and companies as well as help people cope with personal and professional difficulties. We offer you a course developed and conducted by qualified professionals who are highly experienced and successful in the field.