Top Ten Medical CV Tips

1. Make sure you put your name, contact details, email address at the top along with your ABA Pin number if you are a nurse.

2. Make sure you use the same font and type face through out the whole document as this makes it look neat and consistent.

3. Make sure the format is in reverse chronological order. Each position held should include the period by which you were employed, employer’s name, level of position and details of your duties. Noting more and nothing less.

4. Alter your CV to suit different jobs that you are applying for. If you are applying for a staff job in a hospital then your CV should be different to a CV for a nursing home, as these are both two different environments.

5. Put words from the job specification into your CV, this way your CV reflects that you have the skills and expertise that the employer is looking for.

6. Make sure your CV is no longer than two pages and you only include relevant information, employers rarely read anymore than this.

7. Try and use phrases and words that attract attention instead of using long statements. It is better to explain your experience in the least amount of words as possible so make sure these words are the right ones.

8. Make sure your CV can be scanned through quickly and your key achievements stand out.

9. Make yourself more attractive to employer’s by improving your skills and training.

Remember your CV is all about selling yourself

A CV should be a marketing tool for your accomplishments and achievements. Medical employers want to know more about you, and your history. Make sure to be proud of it, keeping a positive mindset is half the battle.

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