Medical Websites Will Solve Everything In The Future??

There are many ways for people to  gain the information they seek.

More and more frequently we have heard of a friend reading online articles, diagnosing a medical symptom they have, from a random online medical website.

“I checked my headache symptoms on WebMD and now I have cancer.”

The University Observer shows in the following article that 90% of us consult medical websites when we are sick. Which, is an extremely high percentage of the population. Do you consult websites when you are trying on a new dress? No. You try it on and feel how it fits.

The question becomes – 

“do the dangers of these sites outweigh the benefits?”

There is nothing wrong with someone taking some information from online, but we are all biased to our own situations. Our research is fast, and our conclusions are strong.

medical decision making

“when we are hoping for a particular outcome, we are subconsciously biased towards believing evidence that supports our expectations rather than contradicting them.”

Knowledge is everywhere, by the truck load! And, the internet has become extremely sophisticated over the years. But, is it enough to allow people to gain solid medical knowledge from medical websites to sufficiently diagnose themselves?

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