Tax Refunds for Foreign Workers

If you work abroad for part of the year, then you could be due a tax refund both in your home country and abroad!

It can pay off big to know just a little about taxes. Tax laws are different in each country, but here is a brief overview from on some of the countries you may work in and how much tax you could claim.

tax refunds for foreign workers ireland

If you go to work in Ireland or leave Ireland to work abroad, then you may be due a refund if you only work part of the year there. This is especially true if you avail of Split Year Treatment.

Split Year Treatment ensures that if you take up employment in Ireland, and
• were non-resident in Ireland for the previous tax year and
• intend to be resident in the following tax year

Then you are subject to Irish tax on your employment income only from the date you arrive in Ireland.

You are liable to Irish tax on any non-employment income (for example, investment income) from the year up to your arrival in Ireland. If Ireland has a tax treaty with the country where you earned the foreign income, you can claim a credit for tax paid on this income.
This credit could result in a refund and you should submit an Irish tax return. You may also be able to get refund in your home country. If you apply with, our accountants will look at both countries to see if you’re due tax back.


If you leave Ireland to take up employment abroad and you:
(a) are resident in Ireland in the current tax year, and
(b) show you intend to leave Ireland other than for temporary reasons and will be non-resident in the following tax year.

You will be subject to Irish tax on your employment income only up to the date you leave Ireland. You are liable to Irish tax on your non-employment income (for example, investment income) in the part of the tax year after you leave Ireland.
This may also result in a tax refund, both in Ireland and in the country you worked in. There are also many other reasons you may be due a refund. The average Irish tax refund is €995.
You’ll need a P45 or P60 and details of any work-related expenses to apply for an Irish tax refund.


UK/Northern Ireland
1 in 3 people who pay tax in the UK are due a tax refund.
Many foreign workers in the UK actually overpay tax and need to file a UK tax return in order to claim a refund.
You may be due to claim UK tax back if:
• You’re a non-resident
• You incurred work-related expenses
• You didn’t work a full tax year
• You were made redundant
• You were on an emergency tax code


The UK tax year is from April 6 to April 5 of the following year and the average refund is £963.
To apply for a UK tax rebate you will need either your P45 or P60 and details of any work-related expenses.


Employees working in the Netherlands pay up to 52% tax on their earnings. If you go to work in the Netherlands, you could be entitled to get a tax refund for a number of reasons:
• You only worked for part of the year
• You changed jobs
• You took on an extra job
• You were granted the 30% ruling – meaning you got a tax-free expense allowance of up to 30% of your salary from your employer
• Your spouse and children accompanied you to the Netherlands


As of 2015, you’re only be entitled to deductible items, tax credits, and the tax-free allowance only if you meet all 3 of the following criteria:
• You live in an EU country, Liechtenstein, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland.
• You pay tax in the Netherlands on at least 90% of your worldwide income
• You should be able to submit personal income statement from the tax authorities in your country of residence. customers get an average tax refund of €850 from the Netherlands so if you meet these conditions, it’s worth checking out what you’re owed!


People working in Germany can pay up to 42.5% on their earnings and if you ever work in Germany you could be due to claim German tax back.
There are a number of circumstances which can lead to you getting a German tax rebate. These include the following:

• Your income was under the tax-free allowance
• You worked part-time or had a temporary job
• You were not classified correctly for tax payments
• You financially supported your parents or other dependants in your home country
• You paid rent in both Germany and your home country
• You paid for flights to and from Germany
• You incurred work-related expenses such as travel costs


The average German tax refund is €1020 so make sure you apply after the end of the tax year on December 31st!


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