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This page defines the Terms of Use (“Terms”) under which you (“You”) may use Medical Staff Ireland (MSI) websites and services. These terms of Use (“Terms”) and any other terms and conditions stated to in the Terms of Use applies directly to the use of the Website by any visitor, job seeker, employer, registered user or unregistered user of the Website (each a “user”, “You” or “your”).

This Site and its services are owned by PAB Fox Holdings Ltd. (registered company name) (“we”, “our”, or “us”). We are registered in Ireland. Company registration number is 566493 with our registered office located in POD 29, Castleyard Office Pods, 20/21 Saint Patrick’s Road, Dalkey, Co.Dublin. Our VAT number is 3378401JH. You can contact us at help@medicalstaffireland.com.

You must be over the age of 16 to visit or use the Medical Staff Ireland (MSI) Site, and, if under the age of 18, You must use the MSI Site under the direct observation of a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult.

MSI hold the right to review these Terms at any time by posting an updated version to this Web page. We, at MSI recommend You visit this page intermittently to review the most current Terms because they are binding on You.

These Terms implement a mandatory agreement between You and MSI and are considered accepted by You every time that You use or access www.MedicalStaffIreland.com or avail of any MSI service. If You do not accept the Terms stated below, do not use www.MedicalStaffIreland.com or any other MSI associated services.

Users who chose to infringe upon these Terms may have their access and use of the MSI Site suspended or terminated, at MSI’s discretion.

Right of entry to and use of this web site is delivered by Medicalstaffireland.com and subject to the succeeding Terms of Use:


MSI permits You, in relation to these Terms, to access and use the MSI Web Site (www.MedicalStaffIreland.com) and any MSI Content (as clearly defined below) and to download and print the content obtainable on or from www.MedicalStaffIreland.com Web Site solely for Your personal, non-commercial use.

The contents of MSI Web Site (www.MedicalStaffIreland.com), including graphics, any text, designs, images regardless of formats, video, information, logos, control icons, software, audio files, badges and any other MSI content (collectively, “MSI Content”), are all protected under copyright, trademark and other laws. All MSI Content is the property of MSI or its third party partners.

The accumulation (denoting to the collection, order/arrangement and assembly) of all content on the MSI Sites is the exclusive possession of MSI and is protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws.

Any unlawful use of MSI Content may encroach upon these laws and is strictly prohibited. You are obliged to reserve all copyright, trademark, service mark and other branded and/or exclusive notices confined in any original MSI Content on any official copy You make of MSI Content.

Any promotional code that MSI generates or display’s any MSI Content or the pages that MSI Site are comprised of is also protected by MSI’s copyright and You may not copy or adapt such code subject to related laws.


Medical Staff Ireland is dedicated to protecting all users of MSI Site individual privacy on-line. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for a detailed description of our organisations approach to protecting your privacy on a continuing basis – as long as You are availing of our service.


If any of MSI Services requires You to open an account, by agreeing to these terms and availing of the use of MSI Web Site (www.MedicalStaffIreland.com) and MSI Content (as predefined) You are obliged to complete the registration procedure on condition that You provide us with the most up-to-date, comprehensive and precise information. You are solely accountable for upholding the confidentiality of your profile details.

Abiding by any contractual responsibilities we owe to any users of Services which incur a fee, MSI shall not be considered liable if for any unforeseen reason the Site and its Services are not available at any time or for any length of time. From time to time due to reasons including maintenance we have the right to confine access to all and/or areas of the Site and its Services to users who have registered with Medicalstaffireland.com. MSI reserve the right to confine or reject access to all and/or areas of the Site and Services, if based on our experienced opinion, You fail to adhere to our terms.

You are also accountable for any/all activities that ensue in relation to your account. You agree to alert MSI instantaneously of any/all unlawful and unauthorised use of your personal profile or any supplementary breach of security. MSI does not hold any liability for any loss that may be incurred as a result any other person’s using your profile or password, with or without your knowledge. You may not use another profile at any time, without the authorisation of the profile holder.


Including your use of MSI Site and/or Services, You are forbidden to use MSI Site and/or Services for any purpose that is illegitimate or prohibited by our terms. You may not use MSI Site and/or Services in a manner that could harm, deactivate, overload, or impair the MSI server.

You are unauthorised to gain access to any Services, computer systems or linkages linked and/or associated to any MSI server or to any of the Services, through hacking, password tampering or any other means.

You are vetoed by means of using and/or extracting any content from the MedicalStaffIreland.com site by any means at all, for profitable and/or commercial purposes.


Users of this Site can decide at their own discretion to catalogue their CV in our database in order for perspective employers who have registered as an MSI client in order to view CV and contact users where they see fit. Furthermore it allows You to attach your CV to any applications being submitted by You. Access to our database will not be granted if employers do not agree to our terms. In the circumstances of a third party gaining access to your CV by invading and/or ignoring the measures put in place by MSI, we cannot be held responsible. Through the functionality of MedicalStaffIreland.com You have the right to remove your CV or any other personal and sensitive information from our database at any time. Regarding potential employers who may gained access to your CV prior to its removal at your wishes, might have kept a copy and filed it. Be mindful that in such circumstances we cannot be held responsible for the retention or privacy of your CV.


Whilst visiting this website and/or any Services trading under the name MedicalStaffIreland.com You might have and/or gain right of entry to other third party web sites, affiliated websites and/or Services though external links posted by registered users and/or through the use of MedicalStaffIreland.com being used as a marketing platform for associated and/or affiliated companies. NO third party web sites are under the control of MSI and/or any Services and we do not hold any responsibility for the accessibility of such sites and/or such websites contents.

Any links that are affiliated and/or supplied on MedicalStaffIreland.com are published for the interest of all traffic to the Site. MSI will not be held liable for any loss or damages which may result from use of said third party web site.


Under no circumstances will MSI accept liability or be held liable for any damages, including loss of data, profits or extra damages – direct or indirect resulting out of or in connection with the use of MedicalStaffIreland.com. No warranty is provided that MedicalStaffIreland.com will be available on a continual and/or interrupted basis, and no accountability can be recognised or accepted regarding losses or damages resulting from such continual basis. MedicalStaffIreland.com accept no liability regarding losses or damages resulting out of edits or updates made and added to the overall content of MedicalStaffIreland.com by any third party websites. Access to MedicalStaffIreland.com is solely at the users own risk and acceptance. If the Terms of this Site are not accepted by any user, the usage of MedicalStaffIreland.com must be concluded as effective of immediately.


Measures apply regarding the Site to ensure the standard of information provided by all users of the Site is that of the highest quality.

  • Only legitimate available positions (positions that are real and available in any given working establishment) can be advertised/added to the Site. Positions that are advertised/added to the Site must be uploaded from a legitimate employer (i.e. an employer who is genuinely trading as a Company under the details as provided on the MSI web Site.
  • A position that is advertised is not permitted to have two “slots” on any one account (i.e. if a GP surgery needs a nurse two advertisements are not permitted to be posted for the one available position). This protects job seekers and in turn ensures employers are not providing misleading information to the job seeker and/or MSI and/or the general public.
  • We accept no liability or responsibility for inaccuracies in any information provided by candidates or employers.
  • We recommend that employer’s carry out reference checks on all potential candidates.


  • Prices may be subject to change.
  • Full Payment is required in advance (unless agreed with MSI Management– each Account Holder will be assessed and treated as individual/separate accounts) prior to the advertisement/position being released and live on MedicalStaffIreland.com. MSI will be permitted to refuse delivery of services through MedicalStaffIreland.com and/or the right to the removal of any job listings until full payment is received. Credit Card payment is not refundable save for legally determined claims.
  • The Account Holder will provide legit and truthful information and company details on MedicalStaffIreland.com including the correct payment details and all other details requested by MSI. The Account Holder solely holds all responsibility for all such details provided to MSI at any time on MedicalStaffIreland.com or that such details provided to any employer of MedicalStaffIreland.com. The Account Holder will reimburse MSI at any time times for losses, expenses or damages which are incurred by MSI and that have taken place due to the Account Holder’s activities or errors regarding the use of MedicalStaffIreland.com
  • The Account Holder agrees to be responsible and liable for all activity on their account. The Account Holder will fully control the use of the MSI website by the Account Holder’s employees and Authorised Third Parties in accordance with the terms presented by MSI including the Privacy Policy.
  • The Account Holder agrees to alert MSI immediately regarding any suspicious activity on their account as soon as they become aware any access which has not been permitted by the Account Holder to, use or copying of any part of MedicalStaffIreland.com.
  • MSI has the right to verify, review and reject if so required all information submitted to MedicalStaffIreland.com through electronic or other communication means. MSI has the right of refusal regarding publication and removal of positions which do not adhere to our terms. There will be no refund given to the Account Holder if any details are refused and/or removed from MedicalStaffIreland.com
  • Where a link is submitted and/or displayed on MedicalStaffIreland.com to any external link or website including redirection MSI does not hold any responsibility with regards to content or transactions carried out on the Account Holders external link or website.

Definitions: The above terms have the following meanings:

  • “Contract”, the agreement for services entered between the Account Holder and MSI as outlined in our Terms.
  • “Fee”, payment that has been agreed upon, to be paid by the Account Holder to MSI for the Service MedicalStaffIreland.com provides.
  • “Service”, the service that has been advertised under no misleading or false information is to be provided to the Account Holder by MedicalStaffIreland.com by means of a digital advertising platform to advertise the Account Holder’s recruitment needs with associated supporting information on MedicalStaffIreland.com with the view to receiving job applications relating to vacant positions advertised on MedicalStaffIreland.com and stored on the account holders behalf in the MedicalStaffIreland.com database. MSI cannot warranty any company that they will recruit from MedicalStaffIreland.com and likewise MSI cannot assure a potential employee and/or registered user that they will definitely get employment through MedicalStaffIreland.com
  • MedicalStaffIreland.com is operated by PAB FOX HOLDINGS LTD and the Company Number is 566493.
  • “Privacy Policy” as detailed on MedicalStaffIreland.com.
  • “Terms”, refers to the terms of using MedicalStaffIreland.com as published here and any discrepancies or amendments thereof.
  • “Date” this refers to the date when the contract is established with MedicalStaffIreland.com and imposed.
  • “Subscription Start date” this refers to the date from which the account holders subscription begins on MedicalStaffIreland.com.